Ways in

Ways in lists a selection of varied resources, ranging from animations to infographics. The resources work as short and engaging stimulus materials to provoke learners' thinking around a range of Global Citizenship issues and as a starting point for deeper exploration of these. Use the keyword links to find more in-depth resources to explore each issue.

Sustainable Environment

This humorous animation by Braeview Academy pupils depicts a discussion among different recycling bins (glass/paper/plastics/textiles) about waste and recycling.  An amusing initial stimulus for wider exploration about the process and purpose of recycling materials in our communities.


Carbon Footprint

This animation from pupils of Braeview Academy illustrates two different lifestyles and their effect on the environment.  With a simple, positive message of, “It’s not too late to change your carbon footprint”, delivered in an appealing, accessible way, it flags up the opportunities to make choices which make a difference.



Braeview pupils bring the concept of war closer to home by representing their own city, the city of Dundee, as a war zone. This is designed to encourage us to think about how we would feel if war came to our home territory and to consider the impact of war on people we know and the places which create the landscape with which we are so familiar.


Globalisation & Interdependence 2

Tracing the story of chocolate production to its source, pupils from St John’s High School look at the cocoa farmers who grow the cocoa which is processed and transported to other countries to produce the Easter eggs which fill shelves in shops and supermarket aisles each year.


Sea Me

A poignant and thought-provoking illustration of the effect of dropping litter and the impact it has on wildlife, this animation encourages recycling and was created by pupils from Braeview Academy, Dundee.  This was screened at the Terra Di Tutti Film Festival in Bologna, Italy in 2015.


The Alternative Alphabet

Braeview Academy pupils focus on the violation of children’s rights when they are forced to become child soldiers. Hear their coherent call to action in this short animation.


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