Take Action

When exploring global issues with learners, it’s important to inspire a belief that positive change is possible. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Share stories of hope

Complex global issues such as climate change, conflict and inequality can often create feelings of powerlessness and lead to anxiety.

Share a range of examples of young people achieving positive change to foster hope and inspire action. Try to include stories from people that your learners can relate to/identify with.

It’s good to include examples of small-scale local actions as well as stories of young activists like Malala Yousafzai or Greta Thunberg who brought about change on a global scale. This will provide inspiration whilst ensuring that change still feels achievable to learners

Taking Action on the SDG’s

This short two minute video showcases the voices of children and young people from around the world, speaking up on issues that matter to them

#NaeStrawAtAw Campaign

Read more about this successful campaign by Ullapool and Sunnyside primary school pupils to eliminate the use of plastic straws in their community.

Stride Magazine

Visit the schools’ section of Stride Global Citizenship magazine for schools. You’ll find inspiring examples of pupil action taking place in schools across Scotland.

Support pupil-led action

Support children and young people to move from thinking about an issue to exploring options for positive action. In the resource section of this website, you’ll find lots of tools and ideas to support learners with planning and participation in change – select taking action from the dropdown list of topics.

Here are three guides to get you started:

Which Action?

This activity encourages learners to brainstorm various options for taking action and think through their relative merits.

Get Global

This comprehensive resource supports learners to move from thinking about issues to planning.

Contact your local Development Education Centre

Get in touch with your local DEC Staff in your regional centre will be happy to provide advice.